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Device responsive web design or website designing as well as maintaining search engine optimization ideology and methodology right from the startup of designing phase. No need to separately design or redesign you websites for all available devices separately and hence, future maintenance cost my drastically be cut down. We first take care about your audience and then optimize the search engine accordingly.
One word before getting started

These days every website owner want to have their website with device compatible, here the term compatible may also refer to as responsive web design. In another way we can say, every one needs such a well designed website which can automatically turn itself as according the device like tablets, phones, phablets etc. As we know that all devices excepts desktop & laptop computers are often constrained by display size and require a different approach to content is laid out on screen.

responsive layout approach during web designing

In this approach we first take care about website's audience keeping consideration that what contents will be relevant for him as well as in what effective ways. Google has also been pointing out why responsive web design is necessary.

The following are the web designing pros and cons and we minutely keep in our mind during designing and development phase. These are:


  1. Purpose: First we ask itself, "Why are we building this website?" We strongly point out all possible reasons behind building your website by executing an array of coffee cup meetings. One good saying is, "we will never revisit the restaurant where we neither had delicious food nor a well served fashion as we were expecting for." And hence the restaurant has lost a potential returning customer. Here delicious food indicates to your website content and well served fashion indicates your web design. So we always keep these break points in our mind before and during web designing and developing process. We take the internal goals and define tangible objectives what you will certainly want to meet.
  2. Target the right audience: We understand that website is a legitimate online representative of your company, organization, trust etc. The aforesaid representative must know "Who does it want to talk to, in what manner, with what effective fashion." keep considering right audience targeting during website designing So a well versed web design should speak to the right age group, interest group or people from a specific region. So killer website content, with multilingual support (not often need as according to your geological coordinates) and a well designed website. And finally we dress up your online representative with these stuffs.
  3. Win the competition: As we know all business has its streamlined global and local competitors. Experts at our research center keep cats eye on your depicted and outlined competitor by constantly observing what your competitors are doing and differentiate your message. We ensure you will not be out flanked by your competitors. If we fail, we will find out what good think works for them and we will do it better. Keeping in mind that a good website with is not intended to last forever. So we make it flexible and change it up as you go.
  4. Work measurement for success: In every work scenario the measurement of work done opens the new gate for success. Trial Balance, Profit & Loss A/c and Balance Sheet measurements are sufficient in case of company profile but the measurements are quite different for website. We always use Google Analytics to achieve these goals. Our experts setup different kinds of web properties inside the Google Analytics, so that various tangible activities can be tracked for current and future analysis perspectives. We also keep following the Google Webmaster Guidlines so that search engines can easily understand our needs. we are also a top web designing company to follow google webmaster guidelines
  5. Increase customer list using Call-To-Action: Based on the first four points, we formulate a call-to-action (CTA). The idea behind is to turn visitors into leads and leads into conversion or customer. We keep CTA on every page. We embed at least one function with the intension of driving your site visitors to do it. Each time a user completes the CTA, the user is counted as conversion. By taking the conversion number and dividing by the number of visitors we can calculate the conversion ratio. The simplest call-to-action is a contact form available in your website.
  6. We keep it simple: We keep you site simple to use and easy to understand. We don't use over the top artsy design with hidden navigation.
  7. Existing marketing: We match the website design to the existing marketing material. We know that a good website should fit into the overall marketing and brand strategy of the company.
  8. Safe landing on your airport: Many of among us know that huge website traffic coming from mobile sources and eventually most traffic will come from mobile devices. So our web designing skills always scale for computes, phones, tablets, phablets, TV etc.
  9. We always let you get social: We integrate your website with social media plug-ins. Our web design works in such a way that it not only asks visitors to follow or like your page but also it pushes contents to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Linkedin etc., automatically. To achieve this we encapsulate a large scale of API framework as provided by the social media developer guidelines.
  10. Execution: Doing it right, Sainofy InfoSystems prides itself on creating brilliant web strategy, technical project plan and then executing on these plans. Planning is essential, but without a great team, a project may fall short. So now, be with us, and create a great team.


  • We generally avoid web designing in an urgent process, but still we have such option.
  • We avoid un-necessary too much content submission for overriding a belief that website needs as much as content as can possibly fit. It is certainly a detrimental approach.
  • We avoid, direct coding without understanding exactly what platform the site should be used to build on.

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